The Convergence of Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
We enable enterprises to derive real-time intelligence and risk assessment from Blockchains and decentralized applications.
Deep, Fast, Smart
Flexible Data Infrastructure.
From integrated deployment models to a flexible data fusion layer. Back-end infrastructure designed to meet the highest standards at any scale.
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To Foretell the Future.
Artificial intelligence and advanced graph analytics methodologies enable people to make better decisions and always be one step ahead.
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With Insightful Applications.
APIs and visual interfaces provide easy access to actionable insights in real-time, allowing humans to interact with data at massive scale.
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Case Study - The Bitcoin Blockchain
Anti-money Laundering Compliance
We allow you to be confident in the decisions you make when interacting with counterparties on the blockchain.
Transaction Risk Scoring
We provide the industry's most advanced transaction risk score, combing source of funds features with behavioral analytics to detect suspicious activity.
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